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    Hi guys what would be the perfect size pig for the butcher?



    Ideal sizes for pork use would be 60kg finished weight( 10 st), Bacon pigs might be up to 75kg ( 12 st), but it’s an interesting question.

    I guess a reverting to trad breeds should also include some form of revert to trad production methods, which in itself would be relatively straightforward, there may be a difficulty with sales to end users though! Larger breeds, and indeed slightly older animals lent themselves better to curing, but there’d be the issue of fat, which despite recent research showing that we are suited to digesting fat from animals there has been a 35+ year popular message to the contrary!

    I guess that the obvious solution to this is to communicate the ” new” message that traditional foods eaten in traditional ways ( ie more moderate consumption!)are not only not bad for you, but possibly better than the modern view of skin lean protein by the pound!!!

    For my part, I know which tastes better.

    Sorry for the rant!
    Ed Hick
    ( Pork Butcher )


    toby couchman

    When it comes to the fat content,what sort of thickness can i allow up to on the finished product and if too much fat is there any particular use i can put the fat to?



    Lard… Yum.. it makes very good pastry. I have had some that has been reduced by frying that makes a kind of crispy powder which l am sure is very bad for you but it did taste delicious. Also I think it is used in soap bit I am not sure about methods. Finally my daughter had realy bad eczema and there was a cream made from pigfat that worked really well..



    Hi Ed

    That’s not a rant! Keep up the good work of spreading the REAL word!


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