The Irish Pig Society was founded in 2013 to promote ‘non-intensive’ Irish pig farmers and pig enthusiasts.  The Society’s objectives are as follows:

  • Create an umbrella organisation for Irish pig breeders, pork producers and interested or related organisations;
  • Create an Irish Herd Book and registration facility for pedigree pigs in Ireland;
  • Support and promote new and existing pig enterprises;
  • Organise shows and competitions supporting all of the above.

Based on these objectives the Society aims to provide and share information, advice and support to all ‘non-intensive’ pig owners.  As a committee our knowledge is not exhaustive and we welcome input from the pig community.


‘In order to keep pigs you must obtain a herd number from the Department of Agriculture. It is illegal to keep pigs without one.  If you need any help completing this form or need any guidance on how to get set up for your pigs please contact us and we would be delighted to support you through the process’.

As an umbrella organisation we encourage memberships and cooperation from related industries such as feed suppliers, slaughter houses and processors. Members have access to up to date information, regulations and guidelines governing the owning, welfare, health and care of animals with links to relevant external sites. 

We are keen to support our members and promote their pig enterprises. We have a breeders and pork producers directory and are always looking to add to these lists. If you would like to share information on breeds, or best practice tips and tricks which could be of help to others, please contact us via email, Facebook, or Twitter or you can call us directly on 0872516623.

Thank you for your support!

Irish Pig Society Certified Pork

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Irish Pig Society Pork Co-operative! The Irish Pig Society is a growing organisation, promoting non-intensive, high welfare, sustainable farming in a free range environment. 

The Irish Pig Society Pork Co-operative will create a steady supply of high welfare pork sourced ethically and sustainably. All our pigs are reared to the standard of the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare: fed a balanced diet, given minimal antibiotics and reared in a free-range environment. 

Check out the butchers stocking our product or purchase pork boxes directly from our members.

Rare breed pork from the Irish Pig Society available at O'Mahonys Butchers

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