Welcome to the Irish Pig Society

Where free-range pigs are our passion

The inspiration of the Irish Pig Society

The concept of the Irish Pig Society was founded in 2013 to promote ‘non-intensive’ Irish pig farmers and pig enthusiasts, alike.

Our members are all likeminded people who are enthusiastic and passionate about rearing pigs in a non-intensive way and allowed to be raised in a free-range environment. As a society our objectives are to create an umbrella organisation for Irish pig breeders, pork producers and interested or related organisations; to create an Irish Herd Book and registration facility for pedigree pigs in Ireland; to support and promote new and existing pig enterprises; and last but by no means least to organise shows and competitions, which is a fantastic way of putting a face to a name and a takeaway of ideas.


Our Journey, working hand in hand with our members

Whether you are a first-time pig owner or a person who has had a herd over many years, you will soon come to realise that pigs are intelligent and more overly curious about the world around them, which adds many facets to pig keeping. 

Here in the Irish Pig Society Community, there is a combination of knowledge and experience in rearing pigs which is raised in a free-range environment.

The Irish Pig Society’s members are now nationwide, communication is key to our success, so having ways to share information is important to us. We have many ways of instant messaging each other for guidance and suggestions,  such as our very active group on WhatsApp.

By joining us today, you will be part of that journey with the promise that we are with you all the way.


By joining the Irish Pig Society today, not only will you be joining likeminded people who are interested in the same things as you are, it is the perfect place to meet new people and forge new friendships and be a part of a community, and in that space, we are able to share experience and knowledge with each other on rearing pigs.

As a society there are many active medias which offers our members an excellent opportunity for networking, both on a business and social level. We also have a new interactive map for visitors to the Irish Pig Society website, which will give members opportunities to promote their business.

So, whether you are large or small, have pet pigs, a small holding or farm, and passionate about raising pigs in an ethical, sustainable, and free-range environment, there is something here for everyone as a member. The Irish Pig Society membership is €50 annually to be a member.

So, join our community today…

Irish Pig Society 

Supporting Pig Enterprises and Enthusiasts in Ireland