Becoming a pig keeper comes with many responsibilities, in keeping your pigs healthy and happy. 

Practical tips to consider before buying piglets:

  • You will need to apply for a herd number before embarking on investing in buying a pig. 
  • Is the pig going to be an extended addition of the family as a pet, or is it going to be raised for meat? 
  • Deciding on the pig breed is an important factor as different breeds of pigs will have different qualities, including differences in size, meat quality, and temperament. 
  • Determine the age of the piglet(s) that you have chosen to have as a pet or that you are going to rear for meat, 8 weeks of age is an ideal because piglets will have a stronger immune system and do not need to be fed starter feed. 
  • Making sure that you have ample space, good housing facilities, and not forgetting security for your piglet(s). (See the 5 Freedoms)
  • All pigs are very sociable animals, and it will be advisable to have two piglets rather than one alone…a happy pig is a healthy pig! 
  • Gaining knowledge on pig keeping is always advisable and where possible develop a working experience with a pig keeper, would be advantageous on your future endeavors as a pig keeper. 
  • Make yourself familiar with the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare. 
  • Most importantly never be afraid to ask for guidance, and last but not least
  • Always buy from a reputable source. Check our Breeders Directory for reputable breeders.