Rare breed pork from the Irish Pig Society available at O'Mahonys Butchers

Irish Pig Society Certified Pork

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Irish Pig Society Pork Co-operative! The Irish Pig Society is a growing organisation, promoting non-intensive, high welfare, sustainable farming in a free range environment. 

The Irish Pig Society Pork Co-operative will create a steady supply of high welfare pork sourced ethically and sustainably. All our pigs are reared to the standard of the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare: fed a balanced diet, given minimal antibiotics and reared in a free-range environment. 

Check out the butchers stocking our product or purchase pork boxes directly from our members.

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Hogtober 2020 was supposed to be a month-long celebration of all thing’s pigs! We had hoped to run a number of educational and social events showcasing Irish pigs and the fabulous people who keep them. Sadly, due Covid-19 these plans can’t go ahead. Instead we will be having a virtual Hogtober 2020 festival and as part of this some of our members will be taking over our Instagram story during the course of the month. This will give you a glimpse into different people’s pig keeping stories and the range of reasons why people keep pigs in Ireland 💚

We will also be running our annual calendar competition 📸 If you feel one or some of your pigs could feature as Mr or Ms February…March…April or May…get your photos ready! 🐷

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Press Release 16 July 2019

Minister Creed re-emphasises the need for action in terms of protecting the Irish pig industry from African swine fever
The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed T.D., wishes to strongly re-emphasise the need for airline travellers to be aware of the risk posed by African Swine Fever (ASF) to the Irish pig industry and the Irish economy if meat or meat products from affected animals is brought into the country. His warning comes on foot of reports from a number of countries (Australia, Japan and most recently Northern Ireland) regarding the detection of traces of the ASF virus in consignments of meat seized at airports. 

The ASF virus is robust and can survive for weeks or months in chilled, frozen or preserved pig meat or meat products such as hams and salamis. 
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