Dermot Allen is the owner of Winetavern Farm, founding member and Chairman of the Irish Pig Society. Dermot is one of the biggest breeders in Europe and one of only a handful of breeders in Ireland to keep the rare Oxford Sandy and Black. In addition to selling weaners and offering boars for stud, Dermot runs a successful hog roast business and supplies restaurants with top quality, free range pork. Dermot now keeps some 220 pigs and boasts 14 of the original female bloodlines and all 4 of the male bloodlines which is a great asset. His pigs are free range, born into a happy environment with lots of space and company and spend the majority of their time in forests and orchards.

Dermot runs Pig Keeping Courses on the farm and will never sell pigs without ensuring the new owners are knowledgeable and educated on how to look after them properly. He is passionate about pigs and his enthusiasm is infectious! Dermot enjoys showing his pigs at the various Agricultural Shows. “It’s not about winning, it’s about showing the pigs and the camaraderie. Getting to meet other people who are interested in pigs.” Despite this, Dermot has won twice, in 2014 and 2016. Although showing pigs may not seem like a big deal, it is another way to get people interested in the raising of pigs again. The Irish Pig Society aims to support and promote pig enterprises in Ireland and champion breeding and rearing apart from intensive systems.

Dermot supplies free range pork, weaners for sale, boar for stud, pig keeping courses, hog roasts and is a great starting point if you’ve any any questions or are thinking about getting into pigs.
Dermot can be contacted on 087 251 6623 or at

Here on Glenbrook Farm we are constantly looking to learn new ways to do things.
We have had pigs on the farm for years but only as a hobby. There is a great history of pigs on Glenbrook but before my time. My father and his brother used to keep a lot of pigs and feed them with all the waste from nearby hotels and hospitals , all drawn in by horse and cart to feed the pigs.

I bought my first sow in 2010(Grace). It’s been a constant journey since then, looking at how to fit these fabulous animals into my farming system.  I’m also milking 80 cows, so trying to justify giving the pigs their own patch was always my issue.  In 2017 I bought 4 tamworth sows in young. The last 3 years has been the making of the pigs.
When they farrowed down and all had good litters we were over the moon. What was to follow was the biggest challenge,  finding a market for all these pigs!!
I had put the cart before the horse. I eventually managed to find customers for freezer pigs. With a change of buther to follow and a huge improvement in customer service and display from the butcher , I now hope to sell good quality free range pork from the farm direct to customers. I’ve also  this year secured a contract to supply weaners to Ballymaloe farm. With all these markets now available to me , I have now taken a 3 acre paddock from the cows and set up 11 farrowing paddocks for my now 11 sow herd, which I hope to increase to 15 sows in 2021.
I hope to make ground available to the pigs next year to maintain our outdoor reared free range status. I’d like to acknowledge the help from the irish pig Society in guiding me with the set up and expansion of this project. While I’m learning every day, and may not have all the answers, my gates are always open  and my phone is always on to help anyone who is considering keeping pigs.
You can also follow our pigs life on @glenbrookfarmcork on Instagram. 
Peter Twomey

Derryea Rare Breeds
Derryea Rare Breeds is based in County Mayo and is run by Ellie Smithson-Haston. She keeps free range pedigree Kunekune and Middle White pigs.
Ellie sells breeding stock, meat weaners and Kunekune pet pigs. She also offers both Middle White and Kunekune boars for stud.
She keeps the rarest Middle White boar line and has imported rare Kunekune bloodlines from the UK.
If you have any questions about Kunekunes, Middle Whites or about keeping pigs as pets Ellie is more than happy to help.

Facebook: Derryea Rare Breeds
Instagram: @derryeararebreeds
Telephone: 0949303665
WhatsApp: 0831001518

Ruaircs farm is a small family farm in north co. Galway. It is home to Kieran and Catherine Roseblade and their two young children. The farm is in organic conversion with the Organic Trust and will be certified organic in May 2021. Kieran and Catherine keep Pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, they have three breeding sows (Elsa, Rosie and Killy) and are hopping to add their own boar soon but for now they are using AI. All of the pigs at Ruaircs farm are kept outdoors all year round and moved onto fresh pasture every week.  The farm has a few areas of native woodlands for the pigs to enjoy and is also home to a flock of laying hens, Broiler (meat) chickens and a few turkeys too. They sell their pork direct to customers in a 10kg pork box with a range of cuts. To find out more about Ruaircs farm or keep up with  their adventures  follow them on