Who we are:

Chair:Dermot Allen

I have a herd of Oxford Sandy and Blacks and run a Hog Roast business. 

Acting Secretary: Anthony Ardee

I’m the acting secretary of the Society;  I am one of the founding members of the Irish Pig Society, I’m a loving father of four children, and Macra na Feirme College Quiz overall winner (2003)! Myself & my wife Fionnuala are the owner-managers of Killruddery Estate, Bray Co. Wicklow (www.killruddery.com).  We have a small herd of Middle Whites sometimes we have wild boar and tamworths.
Contact: anthony@theirishpigsociety.com

Treasurer: Bill Fisher

I was born in 1948 into a farming family in Leicestershire UK, that’s the first i can remember of having pigs. I worked on a large pig farm when i was 19/20 years old and this is where i learnt most about pigs. I first had my own pigs while in my early 20s. I didn’t own pigs again until 3 years ago when i bought a Tamworth Lucky Lass gilt from Michael Duffy in Kildare. I now have over 70 pigs and growing!

I have always been interested in showing, it started with showing Ayrshire cattle way back in the 60s. Now i have Tamworth’s, Berkshire and Duroc pedigree pigs which i keep to show and sell pedigree breeding stock. My herd is known as the Cremorgan Herd and that is the prefix for all the pedigree pigs that we keep.

I have imported (2015) some very good blood lines from the UK and and hope to breed some show winners over the next couple of years. I am very proud to win with my Berkshire gilt (Choller Louise 49) the Supreme Championship at the Irish Pig society show at Stradbally in October 2015.

Pigs for me now are a hobby, & (together with my wife Linda) we have a business manufacturing pleated and roman blinds, mainly for export to the UK. I find the breeding of pigs a very nice diversion from the day job!

Public Relations Officer: Niall Moore

I’m based in North Co Dublin, I farm free range pigs, sheep and some veg along with my father and brother. I first got pigs in 2008 to eat some waste veg that i had and our pork business grew from there.

I now have a herd of different breeds from Oxford Sandy & Blacks, Saddleback & Tamworth to name a few. I cross breed their pigs to ensure the flavour that our customers have come to recognise from them. I fatten all the offspring and produce a range of gourmet sausages as well as rashers and cuts of pork.
I supply butchers and restaurants around the Dublin area.

Shows Manager: Ivan Belton

I farm in Co.Wicklow my main enterprise is sheep and pigs 750 ewes 25 sows.

I will be breeding pedigree Hampshire,Landrace,Duroc and Large Black pigs my aim for the future is to have every sow on the farm with a pedigree cert to breed pigs that are prolific,hardy and can meet many market requirements.Only stock that meet breed standards of the IPS or BPA will be registered and retained for breeding,surplus stock will be offered for sale.

I would hope that this approach will lead me to a quality herd and ensure that stock purchased from the Blackditch herd go on to be successful with their new owners.


Membership Manager: Billy Collins

I live near Nenagh in Co. Tipperary and keep’s Free Range Pedigree Tamworth Pigs. My role on the committee is memberships, you can contact me at memberships@irishpigsociety.com

Herdbook Manager: Conor Cagney

Committee Member: Michael Duffy

Myself,  Therese and our 2 daughters are based in South Kildare. We have a small farm and a horticultural nursery. The Nursery is the day job but pigs feature strongly in our lives.

I started keeping pigs approx 6 years ago. I had great memories of them from our childhood. It started with 2 Saddleback gilts purchased as a Christmas gift. I loved them and so it began… Tamworths followed and then the pet breed- Kunekune. In more recent times, i have added Berkshire. I have always concentrated on pedigree breeding and have visited UK breeders and attended many Agricultural shows in the UK where the importance of the pedigree is recognised.

At present, i have pedigree boars and sows of Berkshire, Tamworth and Kunekune. I concentrate on selling weaners and breeding stock to other pig keepers. The Irish Pig Society has provided a great forum for me to meet and work with other like-minded individuals.

I am a member of the Tamworth Breeders Club and have the role of Club Representatives in Ireland.