What we stand for…

In 2013 when the Irish Pig Society was founded, the idea was to create an umbrella organisation for non-intensive Irish pig farmers and pig enthusiasts. Now in 2023, together with our members we have become a nationwide society, and still growing with likeminded people who are enthusiastic and passionate about rearing pigs in an ethical and sustainable, free-range environment.

As a society our enthusiasm and integrity for ethical farming, are at the heart of our passion for rearing pigs in a free-range environment, as only when they are allowed to roam can they truly use their natural behaviours which are so integral to animal welfare, of which as members, we all abide by which keeps them happy and healthy.

We have many members rearing pigs for different reasons, such as:

Keeping pigs as pets as they are so playful, friendly, and intelligent animals, which can be very entertaining.

Keeping different breeds of pigs because they are low in numbers, this in itself can be very rewarding knowing that you are ‘doing your bit’ in aiding towards saving certain breeds and keeping them alive for future generations to come, as so many have already declined and even disappeared altogether.

Some members also keep pigs to sell as weaners, or bring on to sell for meat, this again, can be very rewarding having the confidence in knowing where your meat has come from, what it has eaten and the life it as led. Check out our Breeders Directory for free-range pigs.