All members are required to adhere to the Official Rules governing the ‘Society’. In addition to these rules the ‘Society’ expects each member to comply with the following General Rules.

1. To keep, update and maintain private records of
a) Service dates / periods for sows (to include boar details),
b) Sow & Progeny records,
c) Ear Tag details for pedigree registered pigs,
d) Veterinary intervention / medications administered,
e) Litter records – numbers / sex.

2. The Irish Pig Society Ltd board or any person(s) authorised by the Irish Pig Society Ltd, hereafter know as the ‘Society’, will have the right to inspect above records and pigs of a Member.

3. If at any time the ‘Society’ is of the opinion that a Member has failed to keep suitable records relating to their pigs, or is of the belief that the particulars of a pig submitted by a Member to the ‘Society’ are or are likely to be for any reason inaccurate, or are dissatisfied with the breeding management of a Member’s herd, they may refuse either absolutely or for a limited period that is considered appropriate, to register in the Herd Book the pigs of that Member.

4. The ‘Society’ may at any time remove an entry from the Herd Book which is incorrect or the accuracy is in doubt.

5. The ‘Society’ has discretionary authorisation to investigate all cases of alleged wilful misrepresentation or other conduct deemed inappropriate or any irregularity that it may become aware of, and any such circumstance will be dealt with in a manner deemed appropriate by the Board of Management.

6. The ‘Society’ may withhold all or any privileges of membership if the person fails to pay monies owing to the ‘Society’.

7. The ‘Society’ may from time to time require the keeping of further relevant pedigree breeding records

8. No Member shall sell or offer or advertise for sale a pure bred pig by name unless it has actually been registered in the Herd Book. This rule applies to any form of sale, whether by Private Treaty or auction, and whether under the Society’s auspices, or not.

9. If any entry for the Herd Book is cancelled and this cancellation is accepted by the ‘Society’ as reasonable, the name or names and code given to that pig, shall not be given to any other pig.

10. The ‘Society will not tolerate any abusive behaviour towards its staff.