Welcome to Fiorbhia Farm

Farming with nature and without chemical fertilisers, sprays, antibiotics or preservatives. We provide nutrient-rich and tasty food direct to local families.


Coming from a family farming background Brendan is passionate and has appreciation of the values of farming practices of years past, and in 2019 when Fiorbhia Farm was launched, he was able to realise that passion. Situated on the outskirts of Portlaoise town, it is a journey of transforming around 26 acres of reclaimed native forestry which contains native trees, such as, Ash, Oak, Alder, Sycamore and Pine trees.

Brendan has always wanted to test out his belief that regenerative farming is both possible and profitable and the lockdown over covid gave him plenty of opportunity to organise and establish his plans for the first stages of this farming method.

Working slowly through overgrown forestry land, he cleared back small spaces of dead or dying trees, leaving those that had stable and well-established root systems well alone. As the trees were thinned out, sun was able to get through to the forest floor and lush grass and clover returned.

He slowly introduced a heritage breed Gloucester Old Spots, Tamworth and Landrace pigs, leaving them to root out any weeds and remaining shallow tree stumps that needed clearing. He now has a healthy rotation of pigs, small beef herd and chickens too!

Fiorbhia Farm operates a fully off grid 100% outdoor system. The forest provides shelter from rain and wind in the winter, and shade in the summer. Because of his belief in using traditional practice’s, Brendan is proud to have been able to keep his farm 100% chemical free. He uses no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or sprays on the land. He also uses no chemical intervention or antibiotics on his animals too. There are also no preservatives or additives in his beef and pork final products.

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