The Middle White Pig

also known as

‘The London Porker’

Place of origin: Keighley, Yorkshire The Middle White pig derived from crossing Large White and Small White pigs in the 1850s.

In 2010 the breed was listed on the watchlist of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust as “category 2, endangered”. In 2021 it was listed as “priority”, the highest level of risk; it is one of six pig breeds in that category. In 2019 a total breed population of 321 was reported to DAD-IS.

‘The London Porker’ name originated in the first part of the twentieth Century.  The Middle White became popular because it produced high quality pork which is well-marbled and renowned for its excellent flavour. This demand was high not only with London restaurants, but butchers alike, as they could cut the carcasses into smaller joints.

Middle White Pig Characteristics

The body of the Middle White pig is of medium size, stocky and compact body  to other breeds of pig, the back is long and level, the coat is white, free from any coarseness or wrinkles. The body is supported by short legs.

Its neck is medium in length (to other pigs) which supports the head which is moderately short, displaying a dished face with a sharply upturned snub nose, which is short in length. Other features of the Middle White include a straight jowl and large pricked ears.

Other Special Characteristics:

•Hardy, and active

•Sows are excellent mothers

•Quiet in nature, very good temperament

•Docile & easy to manage

•Averaging litter, 8 piglets

•Climate Tolerance, native climates

•Produces high quality pork which is well-marbled and renowned for its excellent flavour.

A Breeders Choice

Anthony’s farm consists of 840 acres of biodiverse landscape, comprising of ancient forest, pine woods, grassland, mountain, scrubland and tillage fields. They keep cows, pigs, chickens and sheep.

Killruddery had a long history, of course, of raising pigs, previous to our recent pig farm the last ones went in the 1950s.

Now we have several sows and a boar, Middle White is our breed of choice and we aim for a couple of pigs a week. We sell the pork in our Farm Shop, Grain Store Café and it regularly features in our Friday Night Super and Events Menu.

The Journey of raising pigs began in 2011 when they acquired two Saddlebacks and a Duroc to help clear out some of their then overgrown Victorian Walled Garden at Killruddery House & Gardens.

Anthony is kept busy daily with his farm and gardens,  as well as pigs, there are also many other farm animals that share this idyllic life, which range from cows, sheep and hens, and much more. Each and everyone of them reared in a way that they are meant to be raised, free to roam and express their normal behaviours, happy and content in foraging and rooting for that tasty morsel.

We provide high welfare meat for customers and the pigs are treated with the respect that such wonderful animals should be treated with.

Our free-range pork tastes completely different from anything you would find in most supermarket shelves and even most butchers today, it is simply delicious.