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White Mountain Farm

White Mountain Farm is a small family farm. Here you can follow the life of our Rare Breed Pedigree Pigs farmer, Andrew Agnew, who is the owner of White Mountain Farm based on the outskirts of Ardee,County Louth.

Andrew farms an outdoor system where he keeps Pedigree Highland Cattle from Scotland and some Sheep alongside this, he is also utilising over 25 acres of forestry for his Pigs where he is currently clearing land with the purpose of making it into regenerative farming in the coming months.

Andrew started farming in 2015 and is the first to do so in his family so this is truly a first-generation farm. When asked why did he start with pigs his response is “We kept some pigs back in 2015 with the view of finishing them here on site, I would highly recommend this to anyone to do for several years before you start breeding your own as you really get a good feel for it, and you can do this while the weather is good in the summertime. Since then, we have started breeding our own pigs as we continue to reintroduce new rare breed blood lines on the farm”

Andrew is the vice-chairman of the Irish Pig Society and currently holds the ‘All Ireland’ pig title which he is hoping to keep for 2023. Andrew supplies butchers in his local area and hopes to grow this in 2023, he also has a number of weaners available throughout the year. There are a variety of pigs here on White Mountain Farm, such as,  is Pedigree Oxford Sandy & Blacks, Duroc and soon to be reintroduced soon is his Saddleback pigs and Sheep.

Andrew is always available to assist anyone with any questions throughout the year and can be contacted by calling +353868159396 or by emailing whitemountainpork@gmail.com